A Micro Cabin

A-frame structure; A-plus quality (Ayyy)

I'd build nothing less than the best for your favorite kiddos. These triangular A-frame playhouses are made with 180˚ and they're 190% radical (IMHO). But these bad boys aren't ready for the market quite yet... that's where you come in!

I'm just a dude with a dream. Building the prototypes has been fun, and if I don't sell a single one, I won't regret it — BUT if enough people think this is cool and can donate their insight, then maybe this hobby can become something more. Maybe children (and adults) everywhere can get their hands on these super sweet, ultra over-designed, totally impractical, AWESOME Micro Cabins! Do you think they're cool? Would you buy one? Let me know in the form below — either way, I'm excited to hear your thoughts.


Wait, FIRST let me tell you more about why i think these are AWESOME...

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IMG_7312 crop.JPG

Here's a breakdown of the cool stuff:

The entire cabin is designed through a special digital process that allows it to be instantly customized and cut by any modern CNC, using globally-accessible materials that anyone, anywhere can get access to.

In the click of a few buttons, A Micro Cabin can be adjusted to a shape and/or scale that fits your exact needs. But, just so you know, the prototype is currently about 9 ft. tall with an 8x8 ft. square base.

After the pieces are all cut out, they can be put together like a giant set of life-size legos (if you're into that sort of thing). If not, you'll have the option to order yours pre-assembled and let the fun happen from there!


Cool knobs.


Cool latches.

IMG_7312 crop.JPG

Cool everything!


So, are you interested? Not at all? Please tell me about it:


PS: If you'd like to own A Micro Cabin immediately, or if you're really smart and you have good ideas, or maybe you want to buy a hundred of these and put them up in trees:

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